DNA Values

Gathering Times

Sundays - 9:30am Blended & 11:15am ContemporarY (FLINT) // 10:00AM (Grand Blanc)

DNA VALUE #1: Gospel Centered

Good news is worth talking about and sharing at every opportunity! It is our privilege to constantly remind one another that Jesus changes lives. We make it a priority to talk about the Gospel in our gathering! We challenge our people to share the Good News of Jesus in their communities, and to invite those same people to Emmanuel for a greater encounter with God! We value at the highest level the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

DNA VAlue #2: Truth Matters

In a time where relativism is the norm, we affirm the absolute truth of the Word of God. What the Bible says, we believe and attempt to selflessly apply to our lives. What you want to hear is not often what you need to hear. Our preaching and teaching will lovingly challenge you to overcome personal feelings with Biblical facts. We believe there is an absolute standard to follow! We highly value the truth of the Word of God!

DNA VALUE #3: Journey Of Faith

Everyone is at a different stage in their journey of faith and we embrace that reality. Each week we offer a message that is both understandable and "apply-able." We are a church filled with people struggling with different "issues" trying to take the next step! We highly value your journey of faith!

DNA VALUE #4: Participation Over Performance

Community is the ultimate key to connection. For that reason, we value people coming to our church and soon after getting involved in service opportunities. Sunday gatherings aren't a performance for you to just experience, they are meant to grow your faith to the point of personal action. We highly value participation!

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